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High Quality H2O

As most of you know, I encourage all my clients to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. We all know that water is important…but do we know why? Water is the most important and widely used nutrient in our body. Every single process that happens within our body uses water. The average male is made […]

CFR Carb Cycling Update!

After 4 weeks of carb cycling, I ended up losing 4 lbs, hitting several PRS, and feeling great.          The number one takeaway from this is that my body actually seems to function better and feel better with higher fat and lower carbs.           Carbohydrates are extremely important […]

Carb Cycling Journey – Week 2

What is  carb cycling and what are the benefits? Carb cycling is an advanced strategy that should only be used if you are already well versed and practiced in nutritional tracking. You gotta walk before you can run, do a pull up before you do a muscle-up, etc, etc… I do not recommend carb cycling […]

CFR Nutrition – Carb Cycling Journey

Carb cycling! I needed a new challenge  in my life and I’ve wanted to try to something different with my nutrition for awhile. I’ve decided not to compete this season so it was a perfect time to make this change!  It’s time to play around with carb cycling and nutrient timing to see how it […]


When I was first presented with the idea of coaching a bootcamp, I was not excited. I love CrossFit, and specifically, technical and heavy barbell movements. I love teaching these lifts, helping people move better and become more proficient at them, and watching people put up big numbers! The more we started playing with the […]

Resurrect Your Nutrition Challenge

We are very excited to announce our CFR Nutrition Challenge 2019! I know you have seen our recent Instagram posts about the challenge and are patiently awaiting the details. Why should we care about nutrition? So many reasons! Food is fuel. Food makes our bodies run properly and efficiently. Without enough energy from food, our […]

Staying On Track Through The Weekend

Everyone wants to tighten their nutrition. Everyone wants to eat better. For most of us, this is easy Mon-Fri. Being in routine, waking up, going to the gym, working, having meals that we’ve already prepped – it’s easy when it’s all the same for 5 days straight. Then the weekend comes. We’re out of routine. We sleep in. […]

A Day In The Life

‘A Day In The Life’ – Coach Colton My day typically starts anywhere between 6-7 am. I wake up, hop in the shower and turn the water to luke warm at best. I try to error on the side of it being too cold. Some studies have shown that showering with cold water has helped […]

What Are Macros?

At the very base of the CrossFit Pyramid of Health & Fitness, is NUTRITION. Why is nutrition the base of fitness? Our bodies rely on the energy we receive from food to perform all of its normal functions. Even when we are sleeping and seemingly resting or sedentary, our bodies are using energy to perform […]

Get Off Your Butt

Let me open up my life to you guys and give you some insight into my daily routine. I am a very busy mother of 2. I work at two different gyms, with my schedule always changing and rearranging. I am going through a separation. I am trying to be the best athlete I can […]