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A Day In The Life

‘A Day In The Life’ – Coach Colton My day typically starts anywhere between 6-7 am. I wake up, hop in the shower and turn the water to luke warm at best. I try to error on the side of it being too cold. Some studies have shown that showering with cold water has helped […]

What Are Macros?

At the very base of the CrossFit Pyramid of Health & Fitness, is NUTRITION. Why is nutrition the base of fitness? Our bodies rely on the energy we receive from food to perform all of its normal functions. Even when we are sleeping and seemingly resting or sedentary, our bodies are using energy to perform […]

Get Off Your Butt

Let me open up my life to you guys and give you some insight into my daily routine. I am a very busy mother of 2. I work at two different gyms, with my schedule always changing and rearranging. I am going through a separation. I am trying to be the best athlete I can […]

Fitness & Nutrition Perspective

What is fitness or rather, what does fitness mean to me? Does it mean burning calories and being “skinny”? No. Does it mean lifting dumbbells, barbells and having huge, jacked muscles? Also no. To me fitness means maximizing my body’s potential for physical performance. To me, fitness doesn’t mean physique. Not that I don’t think […]

Just Do You

Why do people some people always need to have opinions about others. I hear so many judgements and criticisms about people every single day. People seem to think they know what’s best for other people. They have a better way of doing things, a better way people should run their own lives. I hear people […]

PR City

What a great training week. I got EVERYTHING done in programming which honestly never happens. Between work, mom life, running a household, etc, it can be hard to get it in. This week I ate properly, I tried to sleep, and the most important thing I did was put my phone down during training and […]