What is  carb cycling and what are the benefits?

Carb cycling is an advanced strategy that should only be used if you are already well versed and practiced in nutritional tracking. You gotta walk

before you can run, do a pull up before you do a muscle-up, etc, etc…

I do not recommend carb cycling unless you are already very comfortable with weighing and measuring food and measuring macros.

For years I’ve been tracking macros, the same amount of protein, fat, and carbs on a daily basis. The amounts have fluctuated over the years as

my goals and body composition have changed, but the numbers are steady day-to-day.

Carb cycling is a method used to optimize your body’s usage of carbohydrates and support lean mass and performance.

There are lots of different carb cycling methods, but I am alternating between high carb days and low carb days.

High carb days are used to fire up metabolism and aid muscle growth and repair, and low carb days allows your body to tap into fat stores for


Ok so here’s my update:

Some positive things I have noticed – energy and moods have been a lot more steady. I’m actually really enjoying my high fat days. I’m not

having any “h-anger” episodes and I don’t get overly hungry. I feel a lot less bloated.

My performance has been amazing! Lifting is going so well and I feel so strong. Snatches are consistent, and I pr’d my clean and jerk and hit

210lbs as well as a new 5rm back squat at 250lbs which projects me around a 290 1rm.

I’ve lost 2.5 lbs which is awesome. I don’t normally weigh myself or care about scale weight, but the sports I compete in are weight classed.  I

usually have to water cut about 5 lbs pre competition. It would be a bonus if my walking weight could be closer to my competition weight.

The only negatives – I’m not getting enough fiber on my low carb days. I’m supplementing now with a greens supplement to get the fiber up.

It can be hard to go to events or restaurants on those low carb days, but I’m managing it and making sure my goals are always at the forefront of

my mind.

Stay tuned for next weeks update.

– Coach Kalie