‘A Day In The Life’ – Coach Colton

My day typically starts anywhere between 6-7 am. I wake up, hop in the shower and turn the water to luke warm at best. I try to error on the side of it being too cold. Some studies have shown that showering with cold water has helped your body wake up faster and feel awake longer. – so I’ve been giving that a shot lol. 

I usually have my meals prepped from the day(s) before, and I pack my lunch bag and start breakfast. Lately I’ve been making egg whites and a bagel with peanut butter, a tasty breakfast that has protein, carbs and fats all in one!! I then pack the rest of my snacks brush my teeth and head to the gym. 

I usually have a few 1 on 1 sessions before I coach the 9:30am class. (PT and Skills Sessions) After coaching the 9:30am class if I don’t have another session directly after I will have a meal (basically my first lunch)….start warming up and train. For the most part my training takes about 2-3 hours to complete (depending on the day) and if I don’t surf the gram for too long in between sets haha! 

After I finish training I usually have a session from 3-3:30pm. At which point I will have my second ‘lunch’ (I’m usually pretty wiped at this point).

As I gear up to coach 4:30,5:30 and 6:30pm classes, I usually try to amp myself up by watching something funny for 15-20 minutes to get my head right. The night classes are always high energy – members coming off their full day of work and ready to smash the days workout. 

After I finish coaching if I don’t have another session at night I’ll clean up and head home. At which point my third meal arises. I usually have a shake with this meal to really carb up before laying down and doing it all over again! 

A lot of people ask me how I keep up with everything throughout the day, and to be honest I love being busy. Keeps me moving, if I wasn’t doing this i don’t know what I would be doing. After I gave up golf professionally I dove 100% of my efforts into CrossFit. It saved me. It changed my life for the better, it humbled me. It continues to humble me!!! Coaching and training. The chase never stops and I’m ok with that. Chasing perfection is something I’ve grown to enjoy. 

Although it may not be attainable…it sure does make the ride that much more enjoyable along the way. 

-Coach Colton