Carb cycling! I needed a new challenge  in my life and I’ve wanted to try to something different with my nutrition for awhile.

I’ve decided not to compete this season so it was a perfect time to make this change!  It’s time to play around with carb cycling and nutrient timing to see how it will affect my physique and performance.

The other reason I wanted to try this experimenting with carb cycling, was to try something new that I can offer to our CFR nutrition clients. As a coach it’s important to be open minded, and also to try new things and experiment to offer your clients the best possible experience and coaching.

This is going to be a 30 day challenge.

Everyday I will track my weight, pictures, food,and how I feel. I will do a blog update once a week.

So this is what it entails. I will have 3 low carb days following 1 high carb day. The difference between the two is quite large. I get 180 more grams of carbs on my high carb days. On the low carb days my fat is higher.

I am also going to do nutrient timing daily, with the majority of my carbs centred around my workouts.

This is going to be such an interesting experiment to see how my training is affected and how my physique might change.

Follow along through CrossFit Resurrection’s website and social media for my carb cycling journey! Stay Tuned for my next post to find out more!

-Coach Kalie