Let me open up my life to you guys and give you some insight into my daily routine.

I am a very busy mother of 2. I work at two different gyms, with my schedule always changing and rearranging.

I am going through a separation. I am trying to be the best athlete I can be and stay consistent with my training.

With all these things I’m juggling, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and get minuscule tasks completed. I don’t have my ‘shit’ together all the time and sometimes I don’t want to

fold my laundry, or write a blog, or get up and train,  or meal prep you can forget that.

One thing I’ve noticed is that as soon as I get started and get these things done; even the things that seem intimidating or daunting, once initiated, make me feel genuinely HAPPY.

There’s such an amazing feeling that comes with being productive and just getting shit done!

This applies to working towards your goals too. I guarantee it doesn’t make you feel good sitting around thinking and wishing instead of doing. Actually it probably makes you feel

worse. Guess what — the longer you sit around thinking and wishing and saying “one day”, “maybe tomorrow”, “i’ll start Monday” the more time you’re wasting !!!! Stop wasting your

life, get moving, start now!

The truth is, reaching your goals feels great, but the true joy is in GETTING STARTED and all the little work you put in every day knowing you’re getting closer to achieving

something or completing something. It’s so satisfying and EMPOWERING knowing that you’re reaching for something and taking charge and working on it.

The sooner you start, the more productive you feel, and you fire up that joy and satisfaction knowing you’re now taking action to get what you want!

What are you waiting for?


-Coach Kalie