Happy Holidays everyone!

I know this can be a stressful time of year when we are trying to stick to our nutrition goals. I have created a list of steps to take to stay on track when you’re heading out for a holiday party.
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Ok, please see below for your Holiday Survival Guide!
1. Since it’s easy to gravitate toward the food table and participate in mindless snackless, fill up on something like veggies, a salad, or a protein shake before you leave. This will you avoid that mindless snacking.
2. Be aware. Before you reach for anything, pause and ask yourself if you are really hungry. Wait another 30 minutes before you eat anything. Mindfulness is key!
3. Don’t find a seat near the food table. (Out of sight of mind). Be social and enjoy spending time with others, instead of focusing on the food.
4. Plan ahead. Make a detailed plan of what you intend on eating or drinking at the party. Try to stick to the portioned plate. This will set you up for better success.
5. 50% rule. Only fill your plate with 50% of what you had originally intended. If you are still hungry, go back back for more.
6. Stop when you feel 80% full.
7. If the 50% and 80% rule isn’t helpful for you, use your myfitnesspal or your food diary sheets instead so you can see what you are eating.
8. Eat slowly and put down your fork in between bites. Eating slower will give your brain time to receive  the “I’m full” signal from your stomach.
9. Keep water with you to keep you hydrated and help you feel more full.
10. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! This is a time to relax and enjoy family and friends. If you feel like you weren’t successful, the next day or meal is an opportunity to be back on track!
Merry Christmas!
Coach Kalie