What is fitness or rather, what does fitness mean to me?

Does it mean burning calories and being “skinny”? No.

Does it mean lifting dumbbells, barbells and having huge, jacked muscles? Also no.

To me fitness means maximizing my body’s potential for physical performance.

To me, fitness doesn’t mean physique. Not that I don’t think physique has a role. 100% physique and body composition (body fat levels) have a huge role, but I think it’s importance takes a back seat to performance.

I’ll use my own experience as an example: For years I went to a globo gym, “lifted weights” body building style, ran, did cardio, ate salads. Salads are the key right? All I got was “skinny fat”. I’m sure if I had more guidance or used a personal trainer for a longer period of time, sure, I could have had better results. Chasing “skinny” never really seemed to work for me, and even when I was at my “skinniest” I still don’t even think I looked that great. At least not in my opinion.

After a couple years of being a personal trainer myself, I finally decided to bite the bullet and join CrossFit.

My friends had been trying to convince me for about a year, so I finally gave in. My personal training style was very functional fitness based already, so I loved CrossFit right away.

That’s when things in my mind and my mindset started to change. I started looking at things from a performance perspective, instead of a scale and aesthetic perspective. I started chasing numbers on the barbell and on the board and it was so much more rewarding than trying to be “skinny”.

An amazing thing happened when I started training and eating for performance. The aesthetics and physique started to follow! Especially once I dialled in my nutrition from a performance stand point, then I really started to  notice my body becoming leaner.

You need to eat to fuel your body, but also eat proportionately to promote LEAN body mass. Let’s face it, your body just isn’t going to function or perform at its best with a body fat amount that is too high.

I don’t  believe in body shaming, but the truth is that your body just doesn’t want to carry around that extra fat. It won’t be at its best, YOU won’t be at your best! You’ll feel sluggish, slow, and fatigued.

Once you focus on those performance goals, and fuel your body for performance, the rest just falls into line. And performance doesn’t have to be localized to CrossFit – Performance can mean your days work at your job, or playing with your kids/grandkids. Body composition is just a beautiful byproduct of performance training and performance based nutrition!

Eat Better – Feel Better – Perform Better

-Coach Kalie

Why do people some people always need to have opinions about others. I hear so many judgements and criticisms about people every single day.

People seem to think they know what’s best for other people. They have a better way of doing things, a better way people should run their own lives. I hear people saying “why would you do that” and “you should do it this way”. They don’t understand why people do certain things certain ways.

I don’t know why anyone else would think they know what is best for other people. You see them for a fraction of the day a few days a week. The other 23 hours a day you have no idea what goes on in someones life and as my 7 year old would say “you don’t live in their body”.

You don’t need to understand why people do things. The only life you’re living is your own. 

Stop wasting energy judging and criticizing other. You only have to live your life. The only person looking back at you in the mirror is yourself. No one else deals with your choices, your feelings, or anything you encounter in a day. It’s all you, so no one should make any decisions for you except for YOU! Why even care what others think when they are only aware of such a small fraction of what is going on in your life. It’s so easy to make quick judgements without knowing the full story. Worry about your own actions and your own life choices.

Let go of 2 things :

  1. Worrying about what others do
  2. Worrying about what others THINK of you

People aren’t robots and they are not going to make all the right choices and do all the right things all the time. Life is never black and white stop judging people like it is.

-Coach Kalie

What a great training week. I got EVERYTHING done in programming which honestly never happens. Between work, mom life,

running a household, etc, it can be hard to get it in.

This week I ate properly, I tried to sleep, and the most important thing I did was put my phone down during training and at

night. So this week I’ve hit PR’s almost everyday. Strung 2 muscle ups together. Then today strung 3. PR’d my clean, split

jerk, strict handstand push ups, and toes to bar. So many PR’s so needless to stay on i’m on a high.

Now, every week is NOT like this. Some weeks blow chunks. Some weeks I feel like I’m making no

progress. Some days to hit 90% on lifts is a struggle or feels near impossible. That’s ok though, there will always be days,

weeks, and months like that. Train anyway. Train through those plateaus and gains will come.

Don’t get discouraged. Stay on track always.


-Coach Kalie