Happy Holidays Everyone

To continue from last weeks blog about protein…
How much protein should we be eating?
For the average person that is not active, and looking to maintain an already healthy body weight, an  intake of .4-.6 grams per pound of bodyweight is ideal and sufficient.
For a person who is trying to lose body fat, high protein is important. Protein is anabolic, meaning it “builds up” lean body tissue (muscle). This is important while losing body fat to maintain lean body mass. My recommendations for those trying to lose body fat is .7 + grams per pound of body weight.
If you are trying to build muscle, 1 gram + per pound of bodyweight is my recommendation, as protein is going to be the building block of muscle gain, and help you to keep building LEAN body mass.
**** I also think it is worth mentioning – if you are injured or recovering from an injury or surgery, high protein is also very important. Your body is trying to rebuild, and as protein is anabolic (build up), this will aid your body in repairing and rebuilding the damaged tissue,
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Have a great weekend!!
Coach Kalie