Everyone wants to tighten their nutrition. Everyone wants to eat better. For most of us, this is easy Mon-Fri. Being in routine, waking up, going to the gym, working, having meals that we’ve already prepped – it’s easy when it’s all the same for 5 days straight. Then the weekend comes. We’re out of routine. We sleep in. We want to to eat different things. We want to make pancakes for breakfast. Maybe we have a celebration to attend, or want to go out for dinner and drinks with friends or family.This when all that hard work you’ve put in from Mon-Fri falls apart. You want to have a good time, you have one beer, some wings, maybe a slice of pizza. You think to yourself “well I’ve already ruined my diet, might as well go all out”. This is what I call a case of the “F*$k-Its”.

Fortunately, you can actually enjoy these things and still stay on track with your nutrition plan.  Balance is the key to life and with the right nutrition plan you can fuel yourself with nutritious foods most of the time but also make room for your favourite treats without going overboard.Counting and tracking macros give you freedom to eat the foods you enjoy, participate in events with friends and family, and still crush your goals.

I love having the knowledge and ability to help people live a normal life and not feel like they have to starve themselves to follow a nutrition plan. I have a passion for helping people feel in control of their lives and nutrition and making them feel empowered. If you want to make some changes with your nutrition, stop waiting around and take control. Hire a coach who is knowledgeable and experienced.

-Coach Kalie