What a great training week. I got EVERYTHING done in programming which honestly never happens. Between work, mom life,

running a household, etc, it can be hard to get it in.

This week I ate properly, I tried to sleep, and the most important thing I did was put my phone down during training and at

night. So this week I’ve hit PR’s almost everyday. Strung 2 muscle ups together. Then today strung 3. PR’d my clean, split

jerk, strict handstand push ups, and toes to bar. So many PR’s so needless to stay on i’m on a high.

Now, every week is NOT like this. Some weeks blow chunks. Some weeks I feel like I’m making no

progress. Some days to hit 90% on lifts is a struggle or feels near impossible. That’s ok though, there will always be days,

weeks, and months like that. Train anyway. Train through those plateaus and gains will come.

Don’t get discouraged. Stay on track always.


-Coach Kalie