Katie Ross


 I have been coaching Crossfit for 5 years, I previously owned a garage Crossfit style gym called Empowered Fitness prior to being hired on Brampton Fire. I am a Level 1 Crossfit coach and have had the experience of coaching at a couple other affiliates around the GTA. I moved north and knew Crossfit Resurrection was where I wanted to be. With a welcoming community and supportive team its the perfect place to train.

My ultimate goal as a coach is to help people eliminate their fear of exercising, by turning it into the greatest part of their day. I believe the best feeling one receives is from helping others. Whether you are new to exercising, looking to get back into your routine, or an experienced athlete, I know our team at Resurrection will transform and motivate you to obtain a healthy and active lifestyle.

My favorite part about Crossfit has to be community, as coaches we join in our class WODS and train with the members side by side. I love knowing we all support each other no matter how small or big a goal is, its constant motivation to keep striving forward.

Favourite Workout= DT

Favourite Lift= Clean